Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars Piano Cover - Terry Chen


Mariah Ryan said...

first off, you are absolutely amazing :) did you do this by ear? You should definitely consider actually writing out the music you make. I would definitely pay money to have your version of this song.

Have you considered this before?

IID Bands said...

I LOVE THIS. I'm getting married and I want to walk down the aisle to exactly your version. You're wonderfully talented. Keep at it!

Caitlin Sophie said...

This is a truly wonderful version of the song. Beautiful, and inspiring. keep on the amazing work, and I'm going to follow you a lot. Stå på! as we say it in norwegian ^^

Elisha said...

this is good. but have you considered transcribing your covers? i've been looking EVERYWHERE for sheets of this song. unfortunately, i can't find any as good as your cover. :(

Emma said...

You are incredible! Is there any way to download the sheet music for this?

Erica Natasya Paramitha said...

super great! i'm your big fan! *highug* :D

clarasilva01 said...
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Cláudia Raquel ☮ said...

you are my idol *-*
I love the way you give yourself to music.
I think you play piano very well, I love playing the piano it,is my passion.

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